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You can make a significant difference in your community by confronting addiction, head-on.

As we are faced with a crisis of the magnitude of the addiction issue in our country, it is imperative that we take inventory of our strengths, advantages and opportunities. Often we are being overwhelmed by fear and despair. By finding our opportunities, we put our attention on what’s working rather than what’s not.

What’s working is the CORLATE® model of residential substance abuse treatment with Peer-Guided Care. This model is forging the path for treatment success as a franchise opportunity across the nation.

When signing a franchise agreement for a CORLATE Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Center, not only will you obtain a team of experienced individuals to assist with your efforts to open your facility, you will receive:

  • The Franchise Operating Manual (Policies and Procedures). This manual is over 130 pages of information to educate and guide the franchisee through most any question or situation.
  • 58 years of expertise and support as the franchisee navigates the, at times, difficult map of rules and regulations. The franchise team will guide you through pre-opening inspections with all the appropriate governing authorities.
  • We will assist with your efforts towards obtaining credentials to accept various insurance carriers and licensing your facility.
  • The team will assist with locating a building that will fit most of the criteria needed for a CORLATE facility. We will guide and direct, with hands on assistance, at the location to assure it is in compliance with the governing authority in your state.
  • A complete 5 week rotation of dietician-approved meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner including recipes.
  • 160 hours of extensive training at the corporate office including 140.5 hours of on the job training at our various locations in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Our comprehensive 30 and/or 60 day residential Right Track curriculum.

We will be there to help put your team together and supply the training needed at the corporate office to ensure your team is ready for clients to begin their journey of recovery at your facility.


Our facilities treat varying amounts of clients. Following you will find a complete listing of our current centers.

East –  opened in 1960, houses 48 men

Midtown, opened in 1982, houses 32 men, primarily Veterans

West, opened in 2003, houses 56 men

Flower, opened in 2007, houses 58 women

Arcadia, opened in 2011, houses 72 men

Red Mountain, opened in 2017, houses 38 men

Extension 360, opened in 2018, houses 102 women

Through our experience, we have found it most beneficial to purchase or lease a site that has already been zoned for a residential service of some type. Examples may be an assisted living facility or a previous residential substance abuse center.

Our primary focus has been on the clients using Medicaid for their insurance carrier. We also accept self-pay clients. As a franchisor, CORLATE will assist the franchisee in pursuing contacts with the Veterans Administration as well as other government entities. The franchisee will want multiple streams of revenue and CORLATE will assist in facilitating that objective.

No. CORLATE facilities have been, and always will be, gender specific. It has been our experience clients are able to focus more fully on their recovery in a gender specific center.

No. It has been our experience that keeping the focus on recovery is much better suited to an adult only facility. However, children are allowed to visit on visiting day or if a visit is required by DSF or governing authority.

This is going to depend largely on the size of the facility, the cost of real estate in your area, whether or not your facility will require much renovation and the furniture etc. you choose to use. We are estimating your initial investment to be $278,200 to $1,144,700.

Not-for-profit provides the tax exempt status. It allows for people to donate money and goods that the facility needs and receive a tax deduction. It allows for community fund raisers, such as open houses, to build neighborhood relationships. It permits CORLATE to provide scholarships for individuals that may not be able to receive treatment otherwise. A not-for-profit center will be more socially acceptable, reiterating the want to assist in the fight against addiction.

In a for-profit company, the investors are the owners, and there can be any number of investors. The company will build value over time and that value accrues to the owners, unlike a not-for-profit where there are no “owners”. For-profit companies may have a board of directors of one or more people, but most smaller companies have a board of advisors which has its own advantages. There is no requirement for a board of more than one.  There are a number of tax approaches that you can use such as a “C” corporation or a Sub S company or a Limited Liability Company all of which help to protect you personally and still let you build value in the company that can be sold for a profit later.

Simply put, you own a not-for-profit and the profit it generates and the value of the assets are yours and your shareholders. It opens many different avenues for funding that you can take advantage of. The biggest downside from a not for profit is you will pay income taxes on profits and you probably cannot get grants or donors.

Training for the franchisee and their team will be extensive. There is a total of 160 hours done in 2-2 week intervals. 19.5 hours are in the classroom. The remaining 140.5 hours will be in the field training to help provide for the different situations that arise at a facility.

This will depend largely on the condition of the building obtained for the center and the scheduling of inspections by the governing authority in your state. Our facilities have opened within approximately 6-9 months.

This will vary largely depending on what state you open your facility. Your CORLATE team is committed to assisting in the navigation of the laws and regulations in your state.

Confidential questionnaire for franchise consideration

This questionnaire must be fully completed in order to be accepted for consideration. An application must be completed by each investor/partner. We use this and other information you may supply to assist in any way we can to refer financing, locations, employees or other resources you may need.

Please email the completed file to Donna Alexander.

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