How it works

At CORLATE, we are proponents of Peer-Guided Care because we know it works.

Peer-guided care simply means that services are delivered by individuals who share common life experiences with those they serve. The interest in Peer-Guided Care in substance abuse treatment has grown substantially over the last few years, because it has been proven to be an effective way for those who are in substance abuse to help others while also helping themselves. Peer mentors understand what clients are going through because they’ve been there themselves. They serve as role models, showing those embarking on their journey that recovery is real. Their very presence enriches years of academic theories about the course of substance abuse treatment. They provide daily proof that those going through treatment can live their lives free of the disease of addiction. Peer mentors have a desire to ‘give back’ while regaining life skills.

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), recognizes peer support services as an evidence-based practice, based on research that shows the successful outcome of utilizing peer support specialists. As a CORLATE franchise owner you will receive direction on where to seek your Certified Peer Support Workers and what their roles will be at your center. The franchise team will assist the franchisee with support and information regarding billing and compensation for the Peer-Support services. We will support your efforts building your team with our expertise in the area of Peer-Guided Care.

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