Everyone Wins

Through the provision of high quality, successful, and affordable peer-guided residential and outpatient programs, everyone wins. The franchise team will support you and your staff in this effort to ensure your success in attaining this goal.

Armed with a vision in 1958 to help people with addiction issues, Crossroads has progressed and evolved into one of the largest service providers of residential substance abuse treatment in the United States. To continue our vision to help others with these issues, we are extending our proven treatment program by offering our expertise and turnkey program to like-minded and passionate individuals who share our vision to help others by way of the franchise branch CORLATE.

As a for-profit franchise owner, your facility will build value over time and that value accrues to the owner(s). There are several different avenues for an owner(s) to approach taxes and protect yourself personally. These tactics will allow you to build value in the company that can be sold for profit later if you choose.

As a not-for-profit facility, you will be able to accept donations of monetary value and material items. You will also be able to obtain nontaxable status. Not-for-profit status also provides a means for family and friends to donate to a cause fighting a disease that may have taken the life of a family member or friend.

Recovery begins with individuals, like yourself, who care and have the passion to provide a safe, nurturing environment to people seeking recovery from substance abuse. We offer the hand of hope and of a new way to live. This coming together is a community strengthening process that you will be a part of. Everyone wins, especially the clients.

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